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Part 2, The Analysis of the sequence: A pivotal dialogue between Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) & Karen Hill (Lorraine Bracco) PART 2 The sequence I chose is an important conversation that revelas character development and the state of their relationship shared between the two main characters which has up until this scene remained ambiguous. Throughout the entire sequence Henry Hill played by Ray Liotta and Karen Hill played by Lorraine Bracco were having a heated conversation that was viewed by audience from a third person perspectives.

By doing so Martin Scorsese immerses the audience into the ovie and angles the dialogue between the characters in such a way that the words exchanged between both characters add palpable meaning to their relationship and respective clarity to the to the story from the audience perspective. The way Martin Scorsese used this scene to add further meaning to the relationship of both characters and further develop the story helped identify and relate that story to the audience making Henry Hill and his Wife, Karen Hill relateable to the audience and their experiences much more meaningful.

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In this sequence Martin Scorsese uses Mis-en-scene, editing, cinematography, camera movement and ound to emphasize the importance of the dialogue and its effect on the future scenes. The first point that needs to be made relates to the setting of this sequence as it gives character and personality to the dialogue between the two characters within the scene. The scene starts with a phone booth in the foreground and on the side of a street. Around the street the off screen shots are nearly empty and which gives a sense of tranquility until you see Karen Hill wearing a pink pant suit, holding her head in her hand overcome with anxiety.

The calm and quite surrounding helped put emphasis on Karen Hills worried and ncomfortable state of being. The way the camera pans to the left mimicking Henry Hills actions as he arrives on the scene adds to the tension and level of anxiety as the audience watches quick and worried moments as foreground to a calm and peaceful city background. As the Karen Hill is escorted by Henry into a taxy the shot is cut to the next shot witch begins with a match on action. The camera cuts serve as a reminder of the tension present even though Karen Hill is no longer in the previous enviroment and is now supposedly in the comfort of her husband.

The camera following and panning throughout the dialoge and phsycial gestures mixd with clever use of high key lighting, and extended depths of TlelO Denlna tne maln cnaracter compliments tne Olegetlc sounds to aaa deep levels of immersion within the audience in respective to the complex diaglogue and stressful relationship. This sequence is very important to the whole movie not only because it it focuses on the obvious tension of Karen Hill but it also presents her distress on a greater scale when her being stressed obviously bothers her husband who is clearly concernedd and is susspicious of his wifes activities.

This scene really stresses through high key lighting and panning shots that nothing is what it seems inviting the audience to look further into the scene as the camera constantly pans between Henry and Karen Hill. The techinical features within this film invite us as the audience to dig deeper into what is being said and what may come out of it. This sequence ends up with with a midrange camera point of view of Henry and Karen Hill. The camera focuses on the gun in her hand and tilts to Henry’s hand touching her face.

This sequence immediately follows them exiting the cab. Though the enviroment is differnet, the converstaion is the same as well as the high-key lighting and diegetic suburban sounds. This scene ends with camera focused on the pistol. The audience is kept in suspspence until the next scene. Martin Scorsese indirectly engages the audience into the main characters conversation and then leaves the audience with an implication. This seems to be Martin Scorsese way of keeping the audience intereested while connecting with the developing the story.

This sequence lays the foundaction for both a romantic move, drama movie and lso more specifically a plot twist. Martin Scorsese uses cinematography, editing, sound, mis-en-scene and camera movment to create masterpiece that kept the audience guessing on what will happen next as well as to the real motivations of each of the characters within this scene which was ultimately left to the imagination of the audience when Karen was holding the gun and Henry’s hand was on her face.

The mis-en-scene with a close-up on a metal milk cratte a glass Jar inside and some sand adds to the the eery calmness amonst the tension and I think this is what ade this seen so great because it was short and many things happened within it and the way it was presented was in the diochotomy of anxiety laced emotions contrasting calm surroundings.

This dichotomy in this scene was prevalent through the movie and I think symbolically linked the audience into the picture having them be able to relate to something palpable like the calm water surrounding and slowy ease them into the chaotic exchange of dialogue between the main characters. This scene was a fascinating masterpeice that to me shaped this movie.

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