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What in your academic career has engaged your imagination the most? In my academic career Economics has engaged my imagination the most. Economics has many branches and related subjects that generally interest me. I am going to talk about a few of them that interest me. Firstly, I will start with Opportunity Cost. The Opportunity cost of a choice is the value of the best alternative forgone. This creates an arena for imagination in the mind. It causes the mind to wonder about the choice that was made at the expense of an option that was not chosen.

An example of this is hown when a farm is burnt down to be used as an amusement park. The opportunity cost of developing an amusement park on that land is the rearing of livestock and the cultivation of plants. A lot of other examples can come to mind if you choose to imagine. Another simple example is sleeping. Sleeping can have a lot of opportunity costs. One opportunity cost is reading and another is watching television. These are practical situations in everyday life. Industrial action refers collectively to any measure taken by trade unions meant to reduce productivity in a orkplace.

This is as a result of disputes between the trade union and the employer of a company, when the union tries to achieve a collective bargain with the employer. This makes one imagine the industrial actions that could occur. One common industrial action is a Strike. This involves work stoppage caused by mass refusal of employees to work. This normally occurs when the employees are not being paid well. Another industrial action is a Slow down. This happens when employees perform their duties but seek to reduce productivity or efficiency in the performance f these duties.

This can be further explained to mean that the goods produced will not be durable or efficient due to the minimal efforts put into producing them. This is used as an alternative to strike because it is seen as less disruptive than a strike. These topics cause me to be very interactive in class when it comes to question and answer sessions and also in-class debate sessions which require each student in class to give their own opinion supported by facts on the topic. This fully engaged my imagination.

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