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English 1301 Accidents Happen Once something is broken, it can never really be “fixed”. Anything that was at one point destroyed or even Just slightly damaged will forever have its complications but, there are always ways around those obstacles. Of course, it is not easy; you have to put your all into making that happen. The gym was scorching hot! You could smell the sweat of every hardworking girl in there. It was barely our second week attending tumbling classes at Valley Cheer Elite as a squad, and we were doing great! The stunt was up.

She was in full extension and as her back spot it was my responsibility to keep her up there. The coaches were telling her what to do- making sure she did not point her toes and kept her muscles tight. When I looked up, I saw her short, stubby legs. Something was not right. Her legs began to shake and she was swinging her arms in circular motions – trying to regain balance. The two bases of our stunt group were too busy listening to the coach’s critiques that when they finally realized what was about to happen, it was too late. Her feet were slipping from my hands.

The sweat had loosened my grip and she was struggling to stay up. It was all happening so quickly and I was no longer able to eep her flying. She fell back with what felt like the world’s strongest force! And since I was her back spot, I was the one to catch her – well I attempted to at least. The power in her fall was way too great for me to handle. She dropped back hard and I just could not catch her standing; we fell to the floor and she landed right on top of me. The flyer was fine- thanks to me -but I on the other hand, was not.

I felt sharp pains in my lower right leg and it hurt to walk. The squad, along with the coaches, was trying to convince me that it was nothing more than Just a rolled ankle- omething i could “walk off’. The pain was bearable at first, only because my leg went numb right after the fall, but I knew something was terribly wrong and it was much more than Just a “rolled ankle”. My parents picked me up and rushed me to a physician as soon as they were notified. By this time, the pain was agonizing and it had me balling.

When we arrived to the doctor’s office, I was carried to the lobby and instantly put in a wheel chair. They took me in immediately. I was then x-rayed and put in room to wait for the results.. Every negative thought about what could be wrong with me was running hrough my head until the doctor came in with my results and Justified those thoughts. I had broken two bones, my fibula and tibia. I was going to be in a cast for two and a half months and I could not participate in any physical activities six months after it was removed due to my injuries extended healing process.

The news devastated me. I was heartbroken but more than anything, mad at myself for letting it happen. I was being pessimistic- the complete opposite of myself. It took time, tears, and whole lot of patience to make myself realize that accidents happen. I had to find my way around the mess I was in and sure enough I did. Wltnln tnree clays 0T my cast removal, I started to train. Yes, I was going against my doctor’s orders but I could not let anyone or anything get in the way of me doing what I loved. I put my all into recovering.

I went out for runs, did daily stretches for my leg to prevent further injuries and try to speed up the healing process, hit the weights, attended every cheer practice (even though it was practically useless), tried out for and made the volleyball team (keep in mind I was using crutches since I was still in the healing process), and pushed my body to its limits. It was tough but it was absolutely not impossible. After only two months after my cast removal, I returned to the doctor’s office for a follow-up appointment.

I was x-rayed and once again put in a room to wait. The doctor came in to review the results with me and by the expression on his face, I knew it had to be good news. He was obviously shocked, undeniably stunned! The x-rays showed that both my bones were completely healed. I was overjoyed, in tears! My hard work and dedication had paid off I put everything I had into overcoming this giant bump that had been on my road. Through the pain and hardships, I only proved that life is about using the entire box of crayons.

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