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Bicycle Thieves Ladri di biciclette directed by Vittorio de Sica in 1948 is one of the best white and black movies ever. It won the BAFTA as best movie of any source and others 14 prices. In 1949 won the Silver Ribbon as Best Movie, Best Cinematographie, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Score at the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists. The story is pretty simple. Is about a guy who was stole his bike and he needs the bike to work and he decide to try to find it with his son and the both start a Journey of two days. Whenever I watch this movie I feel I looking at Tumblr.

The precision of the shots are impressive. I remember a scene when Antonio Ricci is ridding the bike around with Maria Ricci sitting in the handlebar and the other riders are passing around them. The architecture of Roma helps a lot in the landscapes and the background of the shoot. They respect the costumes a lot two. You could easily observe in the shoot of the restaurant when Antonio and his son, Bruno Ricci, are eating and his clothes are quite different then the clouds of the high class people who are eating in the table of the left. Is really interesting how they expose you such a hard situation.

Whenever Italy was in a huge economic recession and people where ooking for Jobs, try to bring some food to them families but everything was really unfair for people who where low class had it harder then others. Just like 2013 but in black and white. How I could see this? Well, every shot of the movie expose the situation in a subtle way. For example in the first scene when more the 40 people are looking for one Job or when Antonio looks for Maria to give the good news and the is cleaning the cloths with others 1 5 woman and they are talking together (screaming as every single Italian I have known).

When they start walk, Maria is bringing too buckets of water. The director gives you a constant feel of struggle in the movie. You can tell how necessary the bike is, not because Antonio, who have those great, organic expression every shot, but because the set design. It gives you feeling of neediness in the set and in the costumes, also with all the extras he is using. The direction of extras is very good. He knows when to let the extras come in and when make them go, he knows how to play with them.

In one scene that I really enjoy the movement of extras was when Antonio and Bruno find the thief and they follow him. That whole 5 minutes scene has really fluent and precise extras direction. Is mportant to mention that the movie has not that many dialogue as some movies of that century because in my own opinion, is part of the vocabulary of the director on screen. What I’m trying to say is that the director looks to share enough information but not to much, actually he give us the exact information we need for understanding the situation.

Is the perfect example of the Less is More . Knowing that this film is a low profile movie is grandiose because is hard to tell. Everything is so accurate and good directed that you can not be distracted by any cheap stage set or bad costumes and acting. Actually the acting is incredible. Does actors weren’t actors before the movie (because everyone who can act became automatically an actor) and the relationship between the three of them, including the mother, is Just perfect. The couple loves each other, you can see the respect, love, appreciation between both cnaracters. nenever Antonio lost nls DIKe ana ne tola Marla, I rememoer now Marla was struggling a lot and Antonio was to sad to help her but he tried and everything got really intense. Such an Italian dramatic scene. Other relationship that caught my eye was between Antonio and Bruno. That kid is such a good actor. The both were having a really dad and son moment. Bruno was into getting the bike back and do not let his father down or alone in this Journey and he could translate that feeling or that situation in a really organic and good acting.

Honest, without pushing it to much, Just being. I appreciate this movie a lot. It gave me a sense of movement and direction really precise and I can adapt this techniques and style to my own art. Also I was impress that how easy my generation has everything. Transportation, communication, water, food, Jobs… We life in the best moment of the human history and a lot of people are wasting this opportunity. I hope people star enjoying it. Patrick Roessner Avila

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