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“8 mile” I think the story starts with a flop at “The Shelter” for Jimmy, to show his development during the movie as he gets accepted in the end. “The Shelter” is a little battle place in Detroit and it is marked by the environment which is dirty and poor. All the people who normally go there come in groups and they are black. Because of that it is very hard for white people like Jimmy to be accepted, because the black people don’t have any respect for him.

The doorman means that Jimmy has got an “attitude problem” because Jimmy does not listen to him in the entrance but actually it is the doorman who has got it, because he doesn’t consider Jimmy to be important. But Jimmy has still some good friends who help and support him all the time. Jimmy’s friends have their own roles. Future is the leader of the group, he believes in Jimmy and the rest of the group has a lot of respect for him. DJ Iz is a “hippie man”.

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That means he speaks in a philosophical way and takes it easy all the time. Perhaps he is also the wisest person of them. Cheddar is the strange and crazy one and perhaps a little stupid too. Sol (George) is the one with the smallest self-confidence and he is shy but with a very big heart. Even though Jimmy behaves cool towards his friends and everybody else, he is actually very loving and caring e. g. to his sister and Cheddar when he came home from the hospital.

It shows that Jimmy is more sensible and likable than he seems to be. The film ended before I expected it. In my opinion the film should have shown more about Jimmy’s future life, how he would manage after the battle and something about what would happen with him and Alex. I think the message of the film is that if you dream about something and really want it, it can be real if you work hard for it. And even though the life seems really bad it can be changed to something better.

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