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ISRAEL AND PALESTINE Introduction The conflict between the Israel and Palestine goes back to the late 19th century and early 20th century. This is mainly because of the existence of two major groups mainly the Jewish and the Arab community. Each of these two communities wants to attain sovereignty for their people in the Middle East. Since then the conflict has been going on year after year as many innocent lives are lost. Why would the U. S support Israel in the Palestinian and Israeli conflict? The United States for many years have been in support of the Israel in terms of military support and financial aid.

The U. S has for many years denied this as it acts as the peace maker or mediator but in real sense it in support of the Jewish community. Since early days, the U. N Security Council has resisted the involvement of the U. S but due to the U. S processing VETO powers they never cease from being involved in these daily conflicts. (Devon Douglas-Bowers, “The U. S. role in the Israel- Palestine conflict”, Foreign Policy Journal, 2013 pg 1 . The united states have made the issue so delicate in a way that the media mislead the U. S citizens about the situation in these two conflicting nations.

Many of the U. S citizens are Jews and in that case Christians, this has led in them being forced to support the oppression of the Palestine, as they term it being anti-Arab or anti- Muslim. (Devon Douglas-Bowers, “The U. S. role in the Israel-Palestine conflict”, Foreign Policy Journal, 2013 pg 1. According to the congressional research’s service report Oeremy M. Sharp), the Obama government requested $3. 1 billion Foreign Military Financing. Israel is the greatest beneficially of these funds and its able to support its military overpower the Palestinian. The U.

S policymakers consider Israel as a valuable strategic partner in the region despite many nations differing with the idea. Many analyst also differ with this argument and term it’s as baseless. It’s only in place to benefit the U. S government and its officials not the U. S citizens.. (Devon Douglas-Bowers, “The U. S. role in the Israel-Palestine conflict”, Foreign Policy Journal, 2013. The United State has always played the hypocrite as it term itself as the mediator of the Israel-Palestine’s conflict and in the other hand it assist the Israel in taking down the Arabs.

Being the uper power, it has always defied the complains from other nations who are against the conflict and the U. S involvement. Many nations term the U. S as the ones going against the international law. The United State for many years has been against the Palestinian launching the nuclear power with no stable reason. (Quigley John B, 2006). The united state have for recent days insisted that, Israel has the right to defend itself but did not say that the Palestinian too have their right. This indicated that the U. S was in full support of the conflict despite them calling for peace.

In 2009, Barrack Obama gave a speech in Cairo University stating that “to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world”. He stated that the Americans had strong “bonds” and “unbreakable” behind the Israel nation. (Devon Douglas-Bowers, “The U. S. role in the Israel-Palestine conflict”, Foreign Policy Journal, 2 3 1 ne u. s nave stressed tnat tney wlll not turn tnelr DacKs wnlle tne Palestines are causing violence, ignoring that the Israelites too are part of the violence. This has proved that the U. S is lobbying behind Israel in the war between

Israel and Palestine. The U. S president went on to say that armed resistance from the Palestine is very wrong. This meant that he did not include the Israel and U. S use of arms in the conflict. (Honig-Parnass, Tikva (2011). “The False Prophets of Peace: Liberal Zionism and the Struggle for Palestine”. ) According to Honig-Parnass, Tikva (201 1), Hamas has for many years requested for peace talk between their officials and the Israel government but both the Israel and US government has turned a blind eye on this request by this small city in Palestine.

They argued that there remains a state known as Israel but the Palestine was not to recognize Israel. These terms were highly rejected by Israel with the support of the U. S government. The Israel has continues violated the cease fire notice for days and days. (Devon Douglas-Bowers, “The U. S. role in the Israel-Palestine conflict”, Foreign Policy Journal, 2013. The conflict between Israel and Palestine cannot be solved easily due to the involvement of civilian and incitement by political leaders. These leaders involve the U. S who has hidden agenda toward this conflict.

They want to take over the Israel nation and maintain their good relationship. Israel being one of the nations offering best military strategy is also a thing that the U. S considers while they invest in their military. They well know that Palestine cannot offer them better military support if they require some. (Honig-Parnass, Tikva, 2011). According to United Nation Security Council, they have for many years warned and refuted the U. S from playing the mediator in this conflict but their has not come to a positive response from the U.

S officials who lways go against the international law since they term themselves as VETO powers. This can be cited when the U. S attacked Iraq in the terms of bringing peace. It’s clear that the U. S is against many Arab and Muslim nations as they say that they pose a threat as terrorists. The U. S citizens have been for years been blind folded by their government when they go against the attack to Palestine. They also protest against the use of tax payer’s money to finance the Israel ministry which contributes to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Its estimated that U.

S uses a higher percentage of the tax ayed in financing foreign military rather than helping the growth of the U. S citizens. Conclusion According to the many articles and books which explain the existence of the U. S in this conflict, it is evident that much of the conflict is contributed by the U. S investing a lot of cash and lack of personal responsibility to calm the situation. The United Nation Security Council members always lobby for calm to return but on the other hand the mediator namely the U. S has totally gone into taking side. They fully support the Israelite because of them being Jews.

Many years have passed and many innocent lives lost due to negligence and the U. S wanting to show that they are above the international law. It can well be said that Israel offer little or none strategic policy to the U. S. Devon Douglas-Bowers, “The U. S. role in the Israel-Palestine conflict”, Foreign Policy Journal, 2013. Honig-Parnass, Tikva . “The False Prophets of Peace: Liberal Zionism and the Struggle for Palestine”. New York. Oxford Publishers. 2011. Berry, M. and Philo, G. , Israel and Palestine: Conflicting Histories, London: Pluto Press (2006)

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