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5. 2 Energy conversion and conservation 1 . A change from one form of energy to another is called an energy conversion. 2. Is the following sentence true or false? Most forms of energy can be converted into other forms. True 3. Describe the conservation of chemical energy to mechanical energy in your body. Your body changes chemical energy which was in your food through the system of digestion. Once the energy is released, it turns to mechanical energy to move your muscles 4.

When you throw an orange up into the air, what kind of energy increases as its height increases? Its potential energy increases 5. As an orange falls from its greatest height, what kind of energy increases and what kind of energy decreases? Kinetic energy increases while the potential energy decreases 6. On the diagram of a moving pendulum, label the places where the pendulum has maximum potential energy and where it has maximum kinetic energy 7. What does the law of conservation of energy state?

The law of conservation of energy states that when one form of energy is converted to another, no energy is destroyed in the process 8. Friction converts mechanical energy to thermal energy 9. Circle the letter of the sentence that explains why no machine is 100 percent efficient. b. mechanical energy is converted to thermal energy by friction c. thermal energy is converted to mechanical energy by friction 10. How did Albert Einsteins theory of relativity change the law of conservation of energy?

He explained that nergy can sometimes be created- by destroying matter 11. Is the following sentence true or false? Matter and energy can be converted back and forth? True 12. Compare and contrast the meanings of conserving energy in the table Conserving energy In environmental science In environmental science, energy is always conserved because its total quantity does not change In physical science The law of conservation of energy in physical science, however refers to a quantity that remains constant Darwin SQs By louisliampls

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