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Viewers love action packed movies which are full of suspense. In 2005, the best television series drama was Prison Break by Paul Scheuring, and another action packed movie in 2013 is Escape Plan by Mikael Hafstrom. These two have similar plots, and the genres are action and drama. The main character of Prison Break is Michael Scofield who is a structural engineer, and Ray Breslin, the main character of Escape Plan, is also a structural engineer. They are both leaders of break outs, which they planned. The movie and TV series have some similarities and differences.

The haracters have similar characteristics, but they differ in how they break out of prison and their reasons for breaking out of prison. One of their similarities is in character traits. The two main characters are very intelligent. Also, they are structural engineers. It is likely that they knew very well about how to break out of prison, and they had some tools to break out of prison. They also had friends who helped them. Another similarity is they both were innocent, but they committed a crime that caused them to go to Jail. The final similarity is that they both broke out of prison two ifferent times in the movie and TV series.

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The first major difference is how they broke out of prison. Michael got tattoos which concealed a map of the Jail, so he could use this as a guide. However, Ray Breslin already knew the structure of the prison because he was the world’s foremost authority on structural security. Michael had a lot of friends and his brother, Lincoln, who helped him break out of prison. Michael made a hole through the wall of his room behind his toilet, and he used metal to make a hole. Finally, Michael and another convict made a hole into the ewer, and they ran away from prison.

Michael also used the same idea for the second time he broke out of another prison. Unlike Michael, Ray Breslin was able to copy the pin number for the door of his cell by using plastic from a milk carton. Rays friends came to the Jail and bombed one of their own cars in the parking lot, so that all the police concentrated on the fire. At that time, Ray escaped from his room. Before he left, he changed the surveillance camera, so police wouldn’t be able to see him. He wore a fireman’s clothes so no one would recognize him, and his friends icked him up from a fire truck.

The second time he broke out of prison was the most difficult break out, but he did it too. The second major difference is their reasons for breaking out of the prison. In Prison Break, Michael put himself in the same prison with his brother by holding up a bank because he wanted to help his brother. Lincoln was framed for the homicide of the Vice President’s brother and was scheduled to be executed at a super-max penitentiary. Lincoln was on death row for the murder, but Lincoln was set up by an agency formed by corrupt government officials, which was eaded by General Jonathan Krantz.

This was the reason that made Michael go to prison and made him escape from prison to save his brother Lincoln. On the contrary, Breslin from Escape Plan spent his life getting into prisons to study their designs and the guards’ habits to find out their weakness, thus enabling him to escape without difficulty. His goal was to ensure that criminals sent to prison stay there, and that’s why he sent himself to Jail and escaped again. In conclusion, Prison Break and Escape Plan had almost same idea of the movie and TV series story.

They have same in main character trait which they both were very intelligent, but they differ in the way escape prison and reason for breaking out of prison. Michael made hole through sewer which he and another convict can run away from prison, and Ray able to copy pin number for the door. Also Michael had reason to help his brother form death row, and Ray had reason to find out weakness of prison. This movie and series show that break out prison is very difficult to do for Michael and Ray, but they both did it very well. This movie and series is very suspenseful for viewers, but it can be very fun to watch.

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