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FRANCE Question 1: For my personal education project I am going to research and plan a trip to France, as I have always wanted to see the Eiffel tower. I have decided I am going to visit France on the 9th July until the 17th, which gives me 7-8 days to explore France. Question 2: a) A map of France: URL: https://www. google. com. au/search? q=a+map+of +fra nce&es m=isc rce=u n i=sq BtUvJc NY bmrAeEq4DoBw&ved=OCCOQsAQ&biW’=1517=714=1 #facrc=_=_ %25255D. if%3Bhttp%253A%252F DATE: 28/10/13 b) France is located in the continent of Europe, which is in the Northern hemisphere. The latitude of France is 460 0′ O” N and the longitude is 20 0′ O” E. URL: http:// www. travelmath. com/country/France c) France shares a border with 8 different countries. These include (clockwise from North): Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, [then Mediterranean Sea], Monaco, [the Mediterranean Sea again], Spain, Andorra, and Spain again. URL: http:// wiki. answers. om/Q/What_countries_border_France d) The capital city of France is Paris. e) The land size of France is 674,843 km2. URL: https://www. google. com. aungfe_rd=cr&ei=VattUpHlAefC8geP50CoCA#q=the +landsize+of+france DATE: 28/10/13 ) France’s current population for 2013 is 64 285 510, which makes it the 21st most populated country in the world (not including overseas territories). URL: http:// worldpopulationreview. com/france-population-2013/ DATE: 28/10/13 g) Male: 30 548 615 Female: 32 238 812 URL: http://www. geohive. com/earth/pop_gender. spx h) URL: http://www. expatica. com/fr/news/local_news/french-life-expectancy-tops-80- years-18386. html DATE: 28/10/13 URL: https://www. google. com. au/search? q=frances +flag&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=68FtUuzzFYSJlQXZlYCQCg&ved=OCAcQ_AUoA %3BKNLRVDytsyeN0M%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww. topnews. n%252Flaw %252Ffiles%252Ffrance-flag_1. jpg???%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww. topnews. tn Question 3: a) Question 4: a) The very first people who discovered/lived in France were the Neanderthals, also known as early Homo sapiens.

During the Middle Palaeolithic period (about 90 000-40 000 SC), the Neanderthals hunted animals, made crude flake-stone tools and lived in caves. URL: http://www. lonelyplanet. com/france/history b) The very first form of Government in France was the French Republic. This Republic was first founded on 22nd September 1792, by the newly recognized National Convention. URL: http://en. wikipedia. rg/wiki/French_First_Republic DATE: 28/10/13-29/10/13 c) The Eiffel Tower – The construction of the Eiffel Tower begun in 1887, and concluded in 1889.

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It was named after Gustave Eiffel, whom won the competition, against the other 107 proposals for design, to create an iron structure for the entrance to Paris’ Universal Exhibition World Fair. On March 31st 1889, Gustave Eiffel climbed the 1 710 steps to the peak, and planted the French flag at the pinnacle of the Tower. The Eiffel Tower is located at 5th Avenue Anatole France, Champ de Mars, 75007 Paris. I personally have always found the Eiffel Tower interesting, because of ts structure, and also because I think it would look absolutely beautiful at night when it is all lit up. 0 URL: http://www. istorvius. com/the-eiffel-tower-83/ DATE: 29/10/13 Notre Dame de Paris: The name Notre Dame means “Our Lady’ in French, and is often used in names of Catholic church buildings in French-speaking countries. The Notre Dame de Paris is a Gothic cathedral, its construction lasted through the Gothic period, and it was also one of the first Gothic Cathedrals. During the 1790s, in the French revolution, a great deal of the cathedrals religious imagery was damaged and destroyed. As a result of this, in the 19th century, a major restoration project was completed, returning the cathedral back to its earlier state.

URL: http:// www. notredamecathedralparis. com/ Question 5: Religious and Ethnic Groups: The ethnic groups in France are a combination of Celtic (Gauls), Latin (Roman) and Germanic (Teutonic & Franks) people, although every year the country is becoming more and more culturally diverse. Most of the French population follow Catholicism as their religion, although due to immigration trends, there is a small and developing Muslim minority. URL: http:// www. safaritheglobe. com/history_france. aspx DATE: 30/10/13 Food: France is a community of people whom absolutely love their food.

In France, food is to be enjoyed and savoured, for example, lunch time in France is usually two hours long, Just because of this. Every day at noon in France, almost everything closes from noon until two pm when French restaurants are open for lunch; this is excluding the large cities. French people consume enough cheese to provide 25kg of cheese per person, which makes them the largest cheese consumers in the world. URL: http://www. frenchdesire. com. au/facts/food/ Arts: Entertainment: France is one of the most exciting countries of the world, there is a arious amount of things to do and see.

With its world-famous cuisine and the large range and quality of nightclubs, cabarets, bars and pubs, France is well-known for its party atmosphere. For people whom love culture, there are plenty of popular French opera houses which also host concerts and ballets. There are also many festivals and events organized throughout the year. URL: http://riviera. angloinfo. com/information/ lifestyle/entertainment/ DATE: 30/10/13 Sport: In France, sport and leisure are an essential part of life, because of the countries geography, the continental weather and choice of lifestyle.

France hosts many different international sport and leisure events, including the world famous Roland Garros Tennis Tournament (French Open), the Tour de France Cycle race, the Le Mans 24hour Motorsport Endurance race, the French Golf Open to name a few. URL: http://www. hunt-a-home. com/living-in-france/sports-and-leisure. php DATE: 30/10/13 Question 6: JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Rainfall mm 18 24 24. 5 26 25 16 27 Temperature 8. 5 10. 5 20 13 8 5. 5 b) URL: http://www. weather-and-climate. com/average-monthly-Rainfall-Temperature- DATE: 4/11/13 c) July temperatures: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Thursday Friday Saturday Jun 30 Actual Temp 250 LO 90 Hist. Avg. Jul 1 240 LO 130 2 260 LO 140 3 210 L0140 4 210 LOIIO 5 6 270 LO 140 7 290 LO 170 280 LO 170 9 280 LO 180 10 270 LO 160 11 220 LO 130 12 240 LO 120 230 LO 130 14 280 LO 140 15 290 LO 160 17 300 LO 180 290 LO 190 19 310 LOBO 300 LO 190 21 330 LO 180 350 L0210 310 L0200 280 LO 190 28 260 LO 170 29 260 LO 160 240 LO 160 31 Aug 1 350 LO 170 330 L0210 URL: http://www. accuweather. com/en/fr/paris/623/July-weather/623 DATE: 4/1 1113 Average daily temperatures of July: Jul 1st 18. 50 200 17. 50 160 20. 50 22. 50 21 . 50 180 240 250 24. 50 25. 50 280 23. 50

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