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Anchor: Good afternoon everyone! You’re watching the countrys most trusted news program, and this is your friend, Marie Kayla C. Galit who will give to you the hottest five-minute news update inside the country. Now, for the sizzling hot news timeline for the both local news: * Yolanda’s debris famined Tacloban City * Napoles’ case hid by Yolanda Yolanda’s destruction is now beyond excess. For the live coverage from Tacloban City, let’s hear it from Extreme hunger is forcing survivors in Yolanda-stricken areas to resort to looting, said Filipino psychologist Dr.

Bernadette Arcena on Friday. In an interview with radio dzBB ost Joel Reyes Zobel, Arcena said, “Kapag kumakalam ang tiyan ng isang tao, makagagawa talaga Siya ng paraan na hind’ naman talaga niya gustong gawin. ” Gripped by extreme shortage of food, water, and medicine, some Yolanda survivors in Tacloban have resorted to digging up underground water pipes and smashing them open. Some areas of Tacloban were completely washed away due to the storm surge from Yolanda, which packed winds over 185 kilometers per hour and thus, the debris caused famine to Taclobanons.

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Newscaster: And now, we will talk to one of the families who survived from the debris. So, hows your situation today, mister? Father: It’s really hard to get relief goods because we are so many. It’s one of the reasons why we suffer from total hunger. Newscaster: For you, miss, how hard it is to survive a day here? Mother: It’s totally difficult especially when the kids are really hungry and you can’t give them even a tiny bit of flesh or fruit.

I wish the government would realize how difficult it is for us to survive such situation especially when they cant post discipline and order. Newscaster: How about you, kid? Child: I wish the government would do not Just something but everything. We need help here. Newscaster: Thank you everyone. As what they have said, they really need help and any goods will do as long as they can still consume. Again, this is reporting. Back to you, Kayla.

Kayla: Thank you And for the other local news: Yolanda’s mayhem never ends in Tacloban; it also affect the case of the Queen of Pork, Mrs. Janette Napoles. For the update, let’s listen to Newscaster: Thank you Kayla. Because of too much attention given to the survivors of Yolanda, the case of Napoles has been being ignored by the government and thus this was Just one of those government scandals that are being patch up during natural calamities that are ccurring in our country.

Per contra to what have been rumored about the controversial case of Napoles, the government clarified that they concentrate to both issues that make the country name buzz in the international relation. The government also said that the Judiciary Board will do their responsibility responsibly even with mayhem because of Yolanda. And thus, the Queen of the Pork will be still undergoing interviews and whatnot and Justice is still under process. Newscaster: reporting. Back to you, ya InanKyou . That’s all for today, folks. Again, this is your friend, saying until tomorrow. Same time, same program.

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