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Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications Ann Bastianelli December 12, 2013 Agenda ??? Marketing -Inside Out & Outside In approaches to Connecting ??? Building Powerful Brands -5RS ??? IMC Themes, Principles, Processes Marketing: The Competitive Advantage Marketing B2C = Responding to Customers 82B = Influencing the Channel to respond to customers Besides Marketing, what other sources of competitive advantage are there? MARKETING 4Ps: INSIDE OUT One-Way Customer MARKETING INSIDE OUT Market Planning once a year, AFTER corporate financial planning Corporate Objectives Message Development Marketing Plan Analysis of Efficiency

Business Results MARKETING 5Rs: OUTSIDE IN Two-Way Company MARKETING OUTSIDE process The CommunicationlN Think ‘Outside-ln’ Align Target’s & Corporate’s Goals Treat Targets As Assets Integrate all Media Channels Seamless Functional Activities Set Target Behavior goals IMC Definition & Themes Definition of IMC Oa strategic business process designed to influence consumer perceptions to drive behavior & achievement of corporate strategy. Themes 2. across many finely tuned sub-segments blending the brand into Life & Experiences both measured and unmeasured. 8 Principles of IMC Centric Departments Outside-ln Planning Customers Are Income

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Focus on Total Experience What the Brand Means to them Customer & Corporate Goals Performance Availability Usage Feedback Converge Marcom Activities Both in Content + Context Make Functional Activities Seamless At every level: Corporate, Marketing, Promotional Set IMC goals to influence Target Behavior Acquire, Grow, Retain, or Boost Transactions Treat Customers Cashflow & Shareholder Value Business & Consumer Challenges IMC Planning Process Messages Consumer Insights Strategy Matching Messages & Media to Markets & Motivations Media Engagement Consumers are in control.

What do they want? Ta rget How can we best serve them? How have they chosen to connect with us? Thinking Centricity Align Target’s & Corporate’s Goals Integrate All Media Channels Building Powerful Brands IMC MANAGEMENT 9. Empirically Measuring Effectiveness 8. Evaluating Creative 7. Media Strategy 6. Creative Strategy 5. positioning: FOR & POD 4. How Consumers Process Ads 3. Consumer Behavior 2. Consumer Insights 1 .

Segmentation & Targeting Preparation: 1. Planning Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning Ideation 2. Execution Creative & Media Strategy Implementation Messages & Scheduling 3. Evaluation Assessment Cognitive & Behavioral BRAND BUILDING Target: Highly educated people nterested in international biz & political news/opinions. Smart, unconventional, edgy execs or policy wonks who like detailed coverage of global info and appreciate presentation of strong views.

Positioning: For the Target, The Economist is the weekly newspaper that provides a sophisticated analysis of current issues because it takes an editorial stance based on free trade and globalization. Evaluation: Did it Work? Measure Creative Strategy on ADPLAN: Attention, Distinctiveness, Positioning, Linkage, Amplification, Net Equity. Empirical testing to assess impact and to glean insights… i. e Copy Testing for attitudes, certainty, thoughts, oment-to-moment response, physiological response. Key Takeaways Themes of IMC 1 .

Right Customer0 Marketing Integration 0 across many finely tuned sub-segments 2. Right Message0 Message Integrationo over time and aligned with more aspects of consumers’ lives 3. Right Timeo Media Integration Din measured & unmeasured media channels Building Powerful Brands Product Good, Service, Idea, Person Price Assignment of Value Place Availability of Product Promotion Activities to Inform Consumers Customer Responsiveness Customer Relationship Customer Recognition Customer Receptivity Customer Relevancy Eight IMC Principles

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