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gilgamesh and Achilles BY linda08123 Compare Achilles and Gilgamesh as heroes. All heroes are great and powerful. But not one is quite like the other. Some fly and some live right next door to you. A hero is dependent, brave, strong, a leader, and is the noblest of men. Achilles and Gilgamesh are two heroes that lived in different times but share so many heroic qualities. But they are never too alike. I will compare Achilles to Gilgamesh by showing that they both were hungry for more power, they are both strong warriors, and they both had a way to contact and have ommunications with the Gods and their world.

Achilles and Gilgamesh are both high ranking people in their own respective manner. Achilles is the great Achaean warrior who defeats hector, the leader of troy and all of troy. Gilgamesh is a King who rules his kingdom of Uruk in addition to being wealthy and powerful. These two characters are hungry for power. Gilgamesh forces labor on the people of his kingdom, he rapes any woman he wants in his kingdom, even on their wedding day. Achilles mauls his opponents, and is prideful and full of rage. If his pride is questioned he will answer.

They are both two powerful men who want nothing but power but both realize at the end of their stories that there are more important things to worry about than power. All heroes fght in battle. This is something that Gilgamesh and Achilles have in common. Gilgamesh was a fierce warrior who had restless energy to which he used on his people. Gilgamesh would exhaust his people by having them build wall after wall in the kingdom and then shortly after tear it down. Achilles like many epic heroes, fought in several huge battles in Greek history. He fought in Patroclus’ honor nd defeats hector and the Trojans.

They are both strong warriors who have fought for their respectful rank. In both mythological and historical epics, like Gilgamesh and The Iliad, Communication with the Gods is very frequent. Both of these heroes communicate by their mothers who communicate them with the God realm. Achilles’ mother, Thetis, a goddess, asks the God’s to construct him a gold platted suit of armor. The Trojans knew that he was being helped by the Gods. Gilgamesh’s mother Ninsun is also a goddess, but Gilgamesh has something Achilles doesn’t, which is God in his blood;

Ollgamesn Is two Tourtns so ne does nave a way to communicate ana Interact with the Gods much easier and better than Achilles. Two different epics and two different stories, but when they are ripped down to the niddy gritty, both heroes share many qualities that make them the hero in the tale. Achilles was prideful and full of rage and Gilgamesh was too consumed by himself. They both have some type of God and Goddess communications and they both are too power hungry to realize that power isn’t everything. These two heroes are alike in many aspects but different enough to be their own persons.

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