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Hindrance Stressors I have no experience in the workplace so I will talk about my experience of Hindrance Stressors in sports. This experience took place a year ago when I was 20 years old. It was my 2nd year of playing college basketball at Laney College in Oakland Ca. As one of the more mature and responsible players on a young team I did receive some management like responsibilities such as making sure my teammate were going to study hall on time, leading warm ups before practice, and basically being a extension f the coach to the rest of the player kind like the role of a team captain.

Our team had more weaknesses than strengths this season. Some of our weaknesses for example were a team wide lack of respect for the coaching staff. Players were constantly breaking the rules set in place our coach and lacked the work ethic in practice or workouts needed to compete in the game. While this looks poorly on the players I believe it was ultimately the coach’s fault in how he managed the team. I did not fit in well with the team due to the fact I highly respected the coach and what he ere trying to accomplish.

This lead to coach giving pretty demanding roles on the team that caused a lot of stress for me. This is how I experienced Hindrance Stressors. While I experienced all three stressors but the main one that affected me was Role Overload. My role and goal going into the season last year was to lead my team in scoring and be a dependable offense player. I ended up with several other roles due to the lack of work ethic my teammates showed. I became team captain and was also given many other roles that coach wanted me to accomplish on the court.

This lead to me become overwhelmed and failing to complete some of the roles I was giving. My stats for that season suffered and my scoring went down. I simply had too many roles that I couldn’t possibly accomplish them all. Hindrance Stressors is describe as stressful demands that people perceive as not helpful or counterproductive to achieving long term goals. There are four types of work hindrance stressors Role Conflict, Role Ambiguity, and Role Overload. Role Conflict occurs when a Job demands present conflicting expectations like when two roles onflict with each other.

Role Overload is when the number of roles that a person is expected to fill is so much that they cannot accomplish all of them. This is the most common of the stressors. Role Ambiguity refers to a lack of information regarding what needs to be done to be successful at a role. This includes when an employee is unclear of what the consequences of their action are within that role. The last hindrance stressor is the minor day to day demands that get in the way of completing your workplace goals. In my experience I was affected by three of the indrance stressors.

Role conflict affected my performance because I was expected to be team captain which consumed a lot of my time while also being expected to work harder than the other and do well in my studies. I also suffer from role overload because of the many roles I was expected to do such as watching over the following hall, weight training, warm ups, team meeting, etc, while also being expected to perform well during sports competitions. And lastly I was affected by the many daily nassles 0T my Dusy scneaule ana many responslDllltles tnat It got In tne way 0T ccomplishing the goal I had set for myself that season.

These concepts certainly would have come in handy if I knew them last year during the basketball season. I would not have blamed myself so hard for my own and my team’s short comings. I would have asked my coach for fewer roles so that I could have less stress rather than taking on too much responsibility on the team. It would have made it easier to accomplish the goals I had originally set for myself. Citations: I don’t own the book so I got all my information from the notes.

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