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1) Website Addresses http://www. ars. usda. gov/News/docs. htm? docid=15572 http://animals. nationalgeographic. com/animals/bugs/honeybee 2) How a hive works The hive is divided into three types of inhabitants. The first is the workers, who forage for food, build and protect the hive, clean, circulate air by beating their wings, and perform many other societal functions. The second type of honeybee is the female queen bee. Her Job is to lay the eggs of the next generation of bees. The last type of bee is the drone, who mates with the queen bee, but serves no other purpose.

The three types of bees work together to create an orderly and well working hive. 3) What has happened Within the last five years, the population of the honeybees dramatically decreased. The bee keepers found that their bees have disappeared in the spring, leaving many open hives. The cause of the significant loss of bees has become known as the Colony Collapse Syndrome. 4) Colony Collapse Syndrome The Colony Collapse Syndrome is a disorder in which worker bees from a beehive abruptly disappear. The Colony Collapse poses a problem economically because many agricultural crops are being pollinated by honey bees.

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Reports of disappearing honeybees can be seen worldwide, as scientists try to determine the cause of the problem. 5) Theory of Colony Collapse Most scientists theorize that one of the main reasons for the Colony Collapse is the use of pesticides. However others believe that there are other reasons that might help to harm the bees. These factors include immunodeficiency, mites, and fungus. Though no one has been able to prove a single cause of the Colony Collapse, scientists have made some strong theories. 6) Affecting humans The bees are very important to our daily life, as they do so much for us.

Bee pollination is responsible for more than $15 billion in crop value each year. Besides economically, the bees also influence what we eat. One third of all the food that we consume is either directly or indirectly benefited by pollination. Without bees, our diet would lack many nutritious foods. 7) What to do I think that pesticides should be banned, because studies have shown that the chemicals can be damaging to living creatures. Also it would be beneficial to grow ooas tnat tney p an Tor tne need, the bees will thrive. I ts good pollinators . Wltn a more constant source 0T

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