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There have been many successful chefs in the history of all things culinary. From ancient times, to modern times, there is a never ending list of influential chefs that have achieved so much in a lifetime. One of those significant chefs is named Julia Child. This woman changed the view of at-home cooking. She made cooking easier and more affordable for the average family meals, along with tricks to save failing meal. Julia Child was born in Pasadena, California in 1912.

She graduated from Smith College with a small interest in becoming a writer, but stuck to writing in her diary. She had always wanted to break the ordinary middle-class lifestyle, and travel the world looking for adventures. After Pearl Harbor, she went with many others looking for work at the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). After volunteering for the OSS to go to the Near East, Julia ended up in Sri Lanka where she found not Just adventure, she found love.

Unlike any other love story, it was not love at first sight for Julia and Paul Child, a French speaking artist, poet, and world traveler. Paul wrote to his twin brother of Julia being “wildly emotional”, “extremely sloppy thinker”, and “unable to sustain ideas for ong. ” It only took a matter of time for the two to slowly fall quietly in love. I the summer of 1946 Paul and Julia traveled the world together. While on this adventure, Paul noticed something about Julia.

She loves to eat while using her senses, and has an unusually keen sense of smell. When the war ended and Paul was assigned to the US Information Service at The American Embassy in Paris, Child was finally introduced to the French culture she had, until then, appreciated only from a distance. Steady Berlitz courses had driven Julia to enroll at Le Cordon Bleu, where she tudied under Chef Max Bugnard, who became her favorite teacher at the school.

At a time when most well-to-do French and American housewives were content to let their maids and cooks assume responsibility for the kitchen, these self-described “Trois Gourmandes” were exploring the traditions of classic French cuisine. With an incredible amount of work already behind her, Child eventually returned to the States for good with her husband. Not long after her return, a television interview at WGBH-Boston turned into an audition for Child for a series of TV cooking shows. The French Chef was born shortly after, first airing on February 1 1, 1963.

After completing some 200 programs on classical French cooking with The French Chef series, Child branched out into contemporary cuisine with the television series Julia Child & Company, Julia Child & More Company, and Dinner at Julia’s. In 1984, she completed six “The Way to Cook” teaching videocassettes. Child went on to host “Cooking with Master Chefs,” a program with a different well- Known cneT Tor eacn eplsoae, as well as tne serves “Baking witn Julia. ” Most recently, she and friend Jacques P?©pin Joined forces for their technique-based series called Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home. The companion cookbook has been on bestseller lists throughout the US. In 1993, Child was the first woman to be inducted into the Culinary Institute Hall of Fame. Less than a decade later, in November of 2000, she received the highest honor bestowed by the French government: the L?©gion d’Honneur. Just two days before her 96th birthday, Julia Child passed away. She was memorialized by chefs, home cooks, friends, and admirers everywhere. But while she is gone, her legacy lives on in kitchens??”personal and professional??”around the world.

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