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Ladies and Gentlemen Survey and Report Natasha Gurley Dr. Terry Hammons Strayer University HUMIII August 21 ,2012 Ladies and gentlemen survey and report People who are well-rounded are perceived differently by different people with respect to what they consider as balancing of the world around them. More considerations are given to the nature of the surrounding around people in terms of how they behave, what is expected of them and if they coincide with their age, success in life or anticipated wisdom at specific age.

The level of socialization of a well-rounded individual is expected to be moderate in such a manner that one can onverse with almost everyone, but not all. Reflecting on the argument of Castiglione in The Courtier, there are several traits of an individual that are similar to what is perceived today as well-rounded characteristics. However, the similarity or difference evident is due to changes in the current situations and activities, age, gender, location and with respect to culture.

Characteristics of a Well-Rounded Person “l’uomo universal” According to Castiglione in The Courtier A noble and dignified man should possess certain traits that are not only accepted by his society, but that which presents self-respect and righteousness. Some of these characteristics with reflection on the arguments in the book, The Courtier include: 1 . An Courtier should be well brought-up and of a good strengthen- an individual should portray some respect from childhood to adulthood and to old age. The strength of such a person should not only be physical but mental with favorable maturity and respect for others, and self. . He should be generously proportioned and good-natured in expression not only to those who are older that him or her but even to the younger. It is the hope of every individual to expect deference from others, thus a noble individual should earn to show value to other, that they are respected too. 3. A courtier should not be boastful for no apparent reasons, and should not charmingly praise oneself regardless of little achievements in life. A gentleman should also not praise or be boastful of his achievements or good qualities.

According to Castiglione, a man who is involved in such practices is unintelligent and unrespectable to the society at large. 4. A gentleman should not be womanish in his acts, deeds and/or sayings. With respect to the book, there are some men who act as if they regret why they were born ale, thereby adapting the feminine characteristics. Such men cannot be considered to De gentlemen, out ratner cnarlatans ana nypocrltes . 5. A noDle Inalvlaual snou10 possess the leadership skills and traits, such as speaking the truth, able to convince people to do what is right and possessing wisdom.

He should be a good and fluent speaker, able to reason and able to confess his unawareness, failures and ignorance to others (Burke, 1996). 6. A diligent man should be skillful and intelligent in handling cases with respect to the nature of the issues or conflicts. This goes in line ith ability to leap well, fght barriers and to be at a position to brogue with men of the Courtney. On the other hand, Castiglione described the traits that a good lady should possess. Some of these characteristics include (Castiglione, 1528): 1.

A respectable lady should be well born and be inquisitive. According to Castiglione, such lady is able to instigate and probe, thus creating safety for one self and the society. They are intelligent and of hood grace thus, can be responsible for their family. 2. A decent and upright woman should be witty, sharp, and clever and have the ability to foresee. 3. She should be involved in the activities and practices ofa woman. She should be sweet language and able to entertain men in her talk and laughter. She should be wise and courteous, pleasant and ever temperate. . She should possess uniqueness when conversing with men older than her, or her age and those that are younger than her. This will gain her more respect and value to people and society at large. 5. A noble lady should love one man to whom she will marry, never have hatred for her husband and never be Jealous. The Study A survey was conducted to investigate the similarity and differences observed on the haracteristics of “Ladies and Gentlemen” described by Castiglione and those exhibited by the todays “Ladies and gentlemen. A sample of 16 participants was used, and they were grouped according to gender and age; 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls aged between 0-13), 4 adolescents (2 boys and 2 girls aged 14-19), 4 adults (2 gents and 2 ladies aged 20-65), 4 old aged people (2 women and 2 men aged 66- above). An interview was conducted and the responses from these participants recorded. There was open interview especially to the children and adolescents on how they receive the conduct and behavior of their fellow age mates and those above heir age. Closed interview was also conducted to the adults and the old aged participants and their responses recorded.

Questions regarding their perception towards the behavior and conducts of the current “ladies and gentlemen” and those of the past were asked and the data collected recorded. Participants Male Female No. supporting similarities No. supporting differences Children 2 2 Males and 2 Female Adolescents 2 Male 2 Females Adults 1 Female and 1 Male 1 Males and 1 Female Old Aged 2 Females and 1 Male Analysis According to the responses got from the survey, some supported existence of imilarities on the characteristics of the “Ladies and Gentlemen” as described by Castiglione and the modern “Ladies and gentlemen” while others differed.

Some of the charming and interesting similarities from the respondents 1. Men exhibit similar trains in the sense that they respect their elder people and also the younger in way they of dress, the way they talk and the was they handle issues; maturely (response of one female aged 20-65 years) 2. Men are intelligent, brave and exhibit understanding traits from time in memorial to date (response from 2 females and 1 male aged 65-above) 3.

Men are stronger than women in terms of physical strength and the heart hardness (response of 2 adolescent females) 4. Women are married by men since our grandfathers married our grandmothers, and our fathers married our mothers (response from 2males and 2 female aged 0-13) Some of the fascinating and motivating differences from the respondents 1 . Women have turned to disrespect men contrary to what Castiglione described.

Nowadays women want equal share; equality (response of 1 male and 1 female aged 20-65 and 1 response from 1 male aged 65-above) 2. Modern women are polygamous and this is very contrary to the raditions where only the men were allowed to be polygamous (response of 1 Male aged supported by 2 adolescent males) Personal Opinions To my own evaluation, I agree immense on the characters described by Castiglione in the book The Courtney. If the traits that are stated by this writer are fostered today, the world could be at a better position.

For instance, there could be political challenges and other sectors where there are gender predicaments in need of power. The number of divorce cases could not be as high as they are currently due to women demanding equal rights as their husband. Some of the rape cases that are observed today, to my view are due to disrespectful behavior of women in presence of men, for instance when we consider the current dressing mode of women and compare to that of the time of Castiglione.

Generally, we should back on the traditions to improve the mode of conduct and behavior of the coming generations. References Burke, P (1996). The Fortunes of the Courtier. University Park, Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania State University Press. Castiglione, B (1528). The Book of the Courtier: Renalssance yma n. London. ??? Frances Llncoln

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