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LIFE ISNT WHAT IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE It was the year 2028, the world irrevocably came down to cloning where everyone who wanted a twin could receive it by a simple procedure done by scientist. The hard times were over if an individual did not feel like completing a task he would Just have his clone complete it for him. It all started with a professional football player named Paul who was exhausted from the living three lives one as a running back on the football field, a celebrity on the streets, and a father to his children.

Paul was a muscular man his arms hung like a hungry bear searching for food. His skin was brown he had black hair, brown eyes, and dressed as if he Just won the lottery. Paul was a well-known football player, but football was fairly difficult in the year 2028 every player had special cleats that when the player was doing well in the game the cleats would allow the player to Jump higher, run faster, tackle harder, and perform moves never before seen. This would make it difficult for the players that have to play the individual who is performing well in the ootball game.

Little did the league know, Paul was not interested in the fame, the money, and the wealth he Just wanted to stay at home with his family but still make the money he is making. So Paul invested in cloning His wife Kim had informed him on it she had told him that she had a friend whose husband cloned himself so he could be at two different places at the same time. Kim was an exquisitely pretty lady she had black hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, and a curvy body.

Paul immediately asked ” is it going to affect my health in ever playing football again? Kim answered “absolutely not” and the deal was done. Paul paid 60,000 dollars to get himself cloned. The following day Kim took Paul to see a professional at cloning. Paul saw nothing special about this man he could tell that he had been drinking and that he didn’t care much about his Job. The specialist told them that they can take Paul in right away and be through with the surgery in less than eight hours, so the specialist went straight to work.

During the surgery Kim noticed that the Specialist were rinking and having a good time while transporting genes from Paul’s body to the clone. She was outrageously shocked. After his procedure was complete he had a robotic person who looked like him facial features and all, talked like him, dressed like him, and more importantly played football Just as well as he did. Paul immediately got to work he sent his clone to do everything like go to the team practices, Games, morning meetings, chalk talk, and even chores around the house and outside the house.

Paul was having a great time hanging out with his family in is floating million dollar mansion and not having to work hard every day and still get paid millions. Until his fun was abruptly stopped by a letter in the mail stating that he was going to be charged for the killing of the league’s best defensive football players. He was confused he did not know what was going on. Until his wife Kim and his son Pauly showed him a television broadcast. Pauly is 4 years old he has brown hair, hazel eyes, brown skin and is a well behaved toddler.

The broadcast explained hat there was a crazed football player killing the players he would hit on the football field. Paul was confused and called the specialist the specialist told him that “The clones are not programmed to take in a lot of information if they do they will over heat and turn on what it is really programed to do”. Paul had no choice he had to go down to the stadium and stop his clone from hurting anymore people. When he arrived the clone was acting ballistic and tearing up the stadium ground with his hands.

Paul knew the only way to stop him was to do something the clone isn’t rained for and that would be to not be the best at the game. So Paul goes down and challenges the clone to see who can run the fastest, make the better moves, Jump the highest and tackle the hardest. Paul beat the clone in every category, the clone finally went crazy and had a system overload which made it explode. Paul was a hero he saved many lives and know he can finally go home to his family and still live the life as if he were still playing professional football. Overall we all know now the hero always prevails.

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