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Metamorphosis Discussion Questions Kafka created an impossible situation to emphasize the extremity of existentialism. He wanted to make it inherently obvious that he was writing as an existentialist. By using an extreme situation it is easier to isolate the beliefs of existentialists. By using realism we are able to relate to the characters and apply the philosophy to our everyday lives. His intense attention to detail helps to set the mood of the story and to develop our thoughts. By being so detailed he forces us to see things his way. He uses small details to show us exactly how Gregor and the amily are feeling. . Kafka is vague about the type of bug Victor is to allow us to develop our own “version” of the story. Knowing what type of bug Gregor is isn’t crucial to the story. Different insects have a different effect on readers. If Kafka would have said that Gregor was a cockroach and a certain reader happened to think cockroaches were really cool then that reader would not be appalled by Gregor. By saying simply that Gregor changed into a monstrous vermin all readers are able to have a similar reaction. 3. When Gregor first turns into an insect his family is errified and only leaves food when Gregor is asleep.

Grete had left him all of his favorite human foods which he was repulsed by as a bug. The next day Grete comes in only when Gregor is hiding under the couch. Grete brought in an assortment of foods in order to determine what Gregor would like. Grete swept Gregor’s entire room and fed him twice every day. Grete decided to take out the unnecessary furniture from Gregor’s room to give him more crawling space. Once Grete begins to realize that Gregor is not going to become human again and gets a Job she becomes oo preoccupied to take care of Gregor in the same manner she previously had.

She feeds him less and she cleans quickly. The family put their extra stuff in Gregor’s room. His room became crowded and clustered. Gregor died in the room full of Junk. 4. As a human Gregor hated his life. He felt his only purpose was to work to pay off the family debt. He was robotic and did not seem very alive. As a bug he didn’t have to go to work and he could do whatever made him happy. Gregor crawled around his room to entertain himself and he spent his days laying around and doing whatever he felt like doing. No one told him what to do. He also learned more about his family when he was an insect.

He could listen in on their conversations and he understood how they felt. He becomes more human as an insect than he was as a human. He becomes less robotic and is happier. 5. Gregor was a figurative insect long before his metamorphosis. He hated his life as a human and never did what he wanted to do. He only did what he had to do to survive, similar to an insect. He went to work, went home and went to bed. Every day he did the exact same thing. He did not make any conscious decisions. Similarly insects do not have the ability to make conscious decisions and they have very repetitive schedules. . Gregor’s metamorphosis causes him to become even more isolated from the outside world. While he was a human he would travel for his work and he had human interaction. As an insect Gregor has no contact with the world and the only human contact he has is with Grete for a few minutes a day. Humans nowadays have very llttle numan con ct. ta we communicate electronlcally ana rarely nave to communicate face to face. In the book Gregor is behind a closed door for his life as a bug. Similarly e are behind a virtual wall when communicating electronically. 7.

Grete’s music was Gregor’s sliver of happiness in the world. Before the transformation Gregor hated his life. His one goal in life was to send Grete to a music school. Gregor loved listening to Grete’s music. During the time that Grete plays the violin Gregor is dying and is sick. Grete makes him forget about the pain hence the speed at which he got to her. He is sad and upset when he has to go back to his room after Grete says they should get rid of Gregor. This is shown in how long it takes Gregor to get back to his room. 8. Gregor’s first attempt to leave his room was when the office manager came for him.

He had difficulty unlocking the door but eventually succeeded. When the office manager saw him he ran away. His mother and father both sobbed when they saw Gregor. Gregor tried to stop the office manager from leaving. When he did this his father forced him back into his room using a cane. The second time Gregor left his room was when Grete and his mother were taking the furniture out of his room. He broke out because he couldn’t stand losing all of his possessions. Grete finds Gregor on the wall and yells at him. She then runs into the next room and Gregor follows.

He was wounded with a broken glass bottle. When his father got home he began throwing things at Gregor to get him back in the room. Father threw an apple that got stuck in Gregor’s back. The third time Gregor leaves his room is when the boarders are eating dinner and listening to Grete play violin. He began slowly inching out into the living room. Gregor wanted to let his sister know that he appreciated her music. When the boarders see Gregor they are disgusted and demand an explanation. His father tries to get the boarders into their room but oes not try to force Gregor back.

Grete decides that the family must get rid of Gregor. Gregor returns to his room by his own choice. Gregor was so exhausted by this action that he later died. 9. The Samsa family is likely to move into a smaller house. They will all continue working in order to support the family. Grete will be married within the next few years. They will be worse off than they were before Gregor’s metamorphosis. They will have less money because they won’t have Gregor to provide for the family. Also the family will be together less often because they all must work.

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