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EXSC120 practical Exam outline: Your practical exam will take approximately 20 minutes and consist of 3 parts. It will be completed in your normal tutorial time in Week 12. You will be expected to be able to competently complete one task from each ‘section’ from any of the tasks below, which includes displaying knowledge on equipment setup and capture, data processing and analysis involving actual calculations in excel and a data interpretation task. These tasks will basically cover all the tasks we’ve done across the semester in the tutorial classes and you will need to know how to do the following;

Section 1: Equipment setup & capture 1 . 2D video capture & digitising – Casio cameras & Kinovea: camera setup: camera positioning, field of view, focus, frame rate, shutter speed, appropriate lighting, calibration, playback, video transfer. digitising: opening a file, calibration, zoom, marker tracking, exporting & saving data possible video capture scenarios will be as per this semester’s tutorials including; – Walking or running (for linear displacement or sagittal plane motion) – Ball drop from a height – Soccer kick (sagittal plane motion) – Stationary cycling (sagittal plane motion)?? heck this! 2.

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Force Plate Capture – Kistler Quattro Software: setup and software operation, weighing, instructions to participants, plate calibration/zeroing, data capture, data export. possible force plate tests include; – Counter movement Jump – Squat Jump 3. Linear Displacement”ime – Timing Gates or Video Camera: timing gate setup and capture; sequence of setup, software use and operation, running a test. appropriate lighting, playback, video transfer. Section 2: Data Processing & Analysis 1 . Filtering: copy and paste data into Excel filter and extract the filtered data 2. Graphing Data: produce a line or scatter graph (eg. orce-time, Joint angle-time) of a specific data set. 3. Data Calculations in Excel: Linear velocity/acceleration: average and first central difference method Angle calculations: absolute segment & relative Joint angles Kinetics: Peak force, relative peak force, impulse, take-off velocity, Jump height, contact time, braking and propulsive forces and loading rate. As the examination time allows for only approximately 20 minutes, you will not be expected to calculate a whole range of arameters but will be expected to be able to perform one or two steps in excel from any of the above calculations. ectlon 3′ Data Interpretation You will be expected to be able to interpret a graphical form of data output related to the tutorial tasks we have covered across the semester including; Marker positions: location & movement in calibrated space Linear displacement, velocity, acceleration Angles: Absolute segment & relative Joint angles Force plate data: squat Jump, counter movement Jump, repeat Jumps, gait – walking and running

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