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Pineapple Peeling Extract BY cloyd1998 CHAPTER I Problem and its Background Introduction: Nowadays, many families are suffering from poverty and health problems. Some of these health problems are caused by different chemicals that they inhale from the things around them and by different chemicals in products which can cause them problems such as skin irritations. One of those things is the fabric softener, so the researchers came up making an alternative fabric softener that is harmless to the ealth of the people, inexpensive and at the same time environmental friendly.

Commercially prepared fabric softeners are introduced to consumers as safe and effective, but who knows that it is truly safe? These fabric softeners are truly amazing for it can help the people save money through less electricity consumption. If clothes are not wrinkled and crisp when dried, people do not need to iron it. However people or consumers should look at the major impact on the negative effects of the ommercially prepared fabric softeners to the environment and to the health of one’s life.

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Creators of fabric softeners do not have to list all the ingredients and frequently list surfactants without including where they are derived from. They also sometimes include it “amongst other ingredients” to mask the rest of the chemicals that are not disclosed on the label, that is why it is very dangerous to one’s health to use these commercially prepared fabric softeners. Pineapple is the most popular tropical fruit.

It is also known as Ananas, which means plants that have sword-shaped leaves and a fleshy compound fruits composed of several flowers. Pineapple is considered by some as one of the healthiest fruits for its great health benefits such as: potential anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits, antioxidant protection and immune support, and protection against macular degeneration. This product can be found almost anywhere in a tropical country Just like in the Philippines.

Pineapple is not ust a fruit that you can eat. There are a lot of ways that you can do in a pineapple, in the United States the skin of the pineapple is used as a tea. The pineapple peelings are considered as wastes by many but they do not know how great these wastes can be. The main objective of this study is to produce an alternative fabric softener to the commercially available fabric softener through the pineapple peeling extract as the main ingredient in making it.

This is to specify the advantages and disadvantages f pineapple peeling extract and also to compare it to the commercially available fabric softeners. This study aims to produce a product in which will help the people to save money, protect their health and protect the environment while getting the same benefits as the commercially available fabric softeners give its consumers. In this study, the researchers transformed the pineapple peelings which are known as wastes into a useful product that can help people without affecting the environment and their health.

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