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Practical and Emotional Intelligence BY kritt240 PSY/201 9/1/2013 Bettye Griffin To begin, we have different types of intelligences that work in different situations. Some people are stronger in one area than another. All forms of intelligence are important, especially emotional and practical. First, practical intelligence is our ability to apply what we know to every day situations (Feldman, 2013). It is almost similar to common sense. Practical intelligence is far from academic. Academic intelligence is based off our knowledge, and practical intelligence is fed from our experiences; the topic at hand being uccess at living (Feldman, 2013).

Emotional intelligence has to do with our relationships with others (Feldman, 2013). What kind of relationship can we build with others, and how to we cope with them, are some of the characteristics of emotional intelligence. Last, these two types of intelligence are extremely important in the workplace. The outcome of our experiences at work is what feeds our practical intelligence. When we see success in the workplace, and how it is done, someone with strong practical intelligence will pick up on it. As a result, he or she will become stronger.

You can be the smartest person in the world academically and be unsuccessful at we build at work are like the glue that keeps it together. If you are alienated at work you will not be happy, thus ruining your work ethic and attitude. If you have good people skills you will get further than someone who is extremely smart, but lacking emotional intelligence. An example of practical intelligence could be Spongebob Squarepants. He is excellent at making crabby patties, and his attitude reflects it. He has shown great success at his Job which made him them best cook in Bikini Bottom. Then, you have Squidward.

He is a direct example of lack of emotional intelligence. He is quite the outcast, and that is because he does not get along with anyone. He see himself to be superior to the rest, which pushes people away from him. To conclude, intelligence is greater than the broad topic we know. Emotional and practical intelligence play huge roles in our work environment, and they are nothing to toy with. Being smart is not all there is to life, and we have to improve ourselves in other fields to become as smart as we want to be. References Feldman, R. S. (2013) Psychology and your life (2nd ed. ). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

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