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EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION: HOW TO HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE Thomas R. Maloney 306 Warren Hall Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853 Tel: (607) 255-1628 Fax: (607) 255-1589 Email: [email protected] edu Marketing Your Organization Creating a positive public image for your business or organization. ??? Facility Appearance ??? Valued community member – Environmental practices – Open space – Community involvement and public service Developing a positive internal image – What do your employees tell their friends and family members about what it is like to work for you? ? How people are treated ??? Leadership and supervisory skills of managers ??? Working conditions ??? Retrain and develop current employees for tomorrows needs ??? Ensure those you hire succeed ??? Wages and benefits 2 Preparing to Recruit A) consider Botn External ana Internal Environment ??? Understand the external environment ??? Develop a plan to adjust the internal business environment B) Know What You Want ??? Assess your situation and identify competencies ??? Develop or update organizational chart ??? Develop or update Job descriptions ??? Match positions to Job descriptions ?? Hire employees who fit Job descriptions or who can be trained C) Make Time to Recruit and Hire You cant hire well if you don’t take the time to recruit well All the leadership, supervisory and motivation skills in the world will not compensate for a poor Job of recruitment and selection. 3 Writing Effective Job Descriptions Example Format The Job description should clearly outline for a perspective employee the duties of the position and other details required to understand what the Job is and how it is to be performed. Some employers resist using Job descriptions because they feel it ocks them in to a set of duties or performance standards. They fear that an employee will say: “l don’t have to do that task; it’s not in my Job description”. A Job description should be viewed as a guideline for the position at any particular point in time.

Since the duties and functions in any business change, the Job description should change as necessary to accommodate the work environment. Consequently, the Job description should be a practical working document. At a minimum a Job description should include the following basics: ??? Title – Use a title that most clearly describes the primary duties of the Job. ?? Job objective – This one or two sentence statement should summarize the general nature and duties of the Job. ??? List of duties or tasks to be performed – Make an item by item list of primary responsibilities that are included in this position. Include all Job duties that are required for the successful performance of the Job.

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Duties that require less than 5% of an individual’s time probably do not need to be listed individually, or can be included in a summary sentence with other incidental responsibilities. ??? Description of relationships and roles – It is important that managers identify the ines of communication and authority within the business, indicate who in the organization the employee will report to, as well as any supervisory roles included in tne posltlon. ??? Job standards and requirements – Indicate the minimum qualifications for key Job responsibilities. For example: Must be able to use Windows applications on a PC; or Must have a working knowledge of Spanish. ??? Salary range – If appropriate, provide the pay range for the position being described. Essential Employee Traits and Competencies Based on the Job itself, the work environment, and the culture and values of the usiness, every Job requires a different set of traits and characteristics in the employee. Use this form to identify the 5-10 most important traits and characteristics for a successful employee in the position you are considering. Importance Not Very Important Rank Trait or Characteristic Average Extremely 5 Deals well with people Handles pressure well Work well with minimum supervision Careful and precise Uses common sense Communicates effectively Cooperative attitude creative Decisive Delegates effectively Dependable Detail oriented Directing others Fast Flexible Learning and personal growth

Loyal Motivates others Organized Outgoing Patient Persuasive Planning ability Pleasant Problem solving ability Punctual Results oriented Self starter Team player Thorough Workskills (you identify) Recruitment Defined Recruitment is the process of attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers, with appropriate qualifications, to apply for Jobs within a business. Recruitment Methods Suggestions from Current Employees 2. Word of Mouth 3. Want Ads 4. rnment Joo servlces 5. College Placement Offices 6. Posting Job Announcements on Bulletin Boards 7. Executive Search Firms . The Internet 6 The Power of Email in Recruiting Word of mouth has traditionally been the most common employee recruitment method. Email can add a powerful dimension to word of mouth in recruiting because it is fast, inexpensive and has the potential to be forwarded to other interested parties. Below is an example of how email can be used in recruiting. From: [email protected] om To: Dave, Julie, George, Harold & Mike I am writing to let you know that I am looking for a dependable individual to be a field supervisor this summer. We work a six day 55 hour week starting at 7:00 AM. Starting pay is $12. 00. I would most appreciate it if you would send any promising candidates my way. Many thanks, Bill. 7 Recruitment Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages Recommendations from current employees Advantages: ??? Can be fast and efficient ??? Can be effective because the employee has a vested interest Disadvantages: ??? Limits scope of the Job search ??? May not get the most qualified applicants ??? May not work in a tight Job market Word of mouth ??? Can be fast ??? Eliminates time consuming search for applicants ??? Allows manager more control over the candidate pool

Disadvantages: Want ads ??? Allows you to reach a larger applicant pool ??? Creates an opportunity to attract more highly qualified candidates Disadvantages: ??? Can be time consuming ??? Requires careful screening process Government Job services ??? Staffed by qualified professionals ??? Provides Job announcement writing service ??? Provides screening assistance 8 ??? May not have the best applicant pools ??? Not highly regarded by some managers College placement office ??? source 0T nlgnly quallTlea applicants ??? May reduce need for training Posting Job announcements ?? Inexpensive ??? May provide wide exposure ??? Takes time to write and distribute the announcements Executive search firms ??? Recruitment is usually done by professionals ??? Opportunity to reach highly qualified candidates ??? May cost 10-30% of the first year salary The internet ??? Fast ??? Wide coverage ??? Takes time to write effective Job announcements 9 Writing A “Help Wanted” Ad That Sells The Position The following steps demonstrate one way to write better help-wanted ads and recruit more qualified applicants: ??? Step 1. Give the appropriate Job title ??? Step 2. Say something positive about the organization ??? Step 3.

Describe the Job ??? Step 4. Highlight positive working conditions ??? Step 5. If appropriate, provide information on wages and benefits ??? Step 6. Indicate how to apply Example #1 “Farm worker wanted. Call 333-4444” Example # Assistant Farm Manager: Fourth generation, local crop farm seeks middle manager. Duties include hiring & supervision seasonal harvest workers, developing daily work schedules and other similar responsibilities. Competitive wages, 50 hours per week, overtime pay. Work with a modern line of well-maintained equipment. Opportunities for advancement. Fill out application at Successful Valley Farm, 123 Valley Rd, Successful Valley, PA 54321. 0 Example #3 Shortstop needed for Springdale Country Club softball team: Looking for motivated team player who likes outdoor work. Requires golf course maintenance work on non- game days. Will train. Competitive salary and benefits. Previous softball experience not required. Please call 555-555-5555 From: Steven Tingle, North Carolina 11 Where will you look to identify labor pools? Immigrant workers Retirees High school students 4, College students Homemakers Part-tlmers Unemployed or downsized workers 12 Creativity: A Key to Effective Recruitment You will have a competitive edge if you use recruiting techniques and ideas your competitors are not using.

Key Points Write creative ads 2) Use the internet 3) Target specific labor pools 4) Always project a positive image 13 Selection Defined Employee selection is the process of choosing from a group of candidates the individual or individuals who will be offered a position. Selection Tools Application forms Intervlews Reference checks Pre-employment tests Trial period 14 Sample Interview Questions This list of example questions is intended to provide ideas for developing your own list of interview questions. 1 . Job Related Questions: What skills do you bring to this position? Can you work 6 a. m. to 3 p. m.? What experience have you had that directly relates to this position? Describe any past education or training that relates to this position. Describe work experiences from previous Jobs that are relevant to this Job. Tell me about a time when something went wrong in your Job.

How did you deal with it? Tell me about a time you made a mistake on the Job. How did you deal with it? 2. Probing Questions: What did you like most about your last Job? What did you like least about your last Job? 3. General Recruitment Questions: What is your salary/pay requirement? When would you be available to start? Do you have any questions for me (us)? Can you routinely lift 80 pounds? 15 Selection Bias Stereotyping is the tendency to attribute certain characteristics to particular groups of people. For example, you might think that the work ethic of an immigrant worker is much better than the work ethic of local workers and have a tendency to hire

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