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Retire2 BY uvmhx0391 Your Name – Curriculum Vitae/CV Personal Profile/Personal Attributes Create 5-7 descriptive bullet-point phrases that describe your strengths and attributes. These statements should also reflect the personal qualities that the employer seeks. Keep the statements simple and clear; one line for each statement. Use a consistent format and readable typeface; use professional, concise, intelligent language. Use good, appropriate punctuation; semi-colons are effective for Joining word-strings.

Ensure you can provide an example (at interview) for every statement ou make on your CV. Examples and guidance for this section at www. businessballs. com/curriculum. htm Experience/Specialisms/Strengths Create 5-7 professional statements which explain your experience/specialisms/ strengths. Think about what the employer is seeking and try to match these requirements. Your statements here should be examples/evidence of how you fit the needs of the Job. Statements can describe experience, skills, strengths, knowledge, style, attitude, etc.

Examples and guidance for this section at Achievements Create 3-7 professional statements which describe your achievements. Show achievements that best illustrate your capabilities relevant to the needs of the new job. Show achievements which demonstrate that you could ‘make a difference’ relevantly in the Job. Achievements need not be work-related, especially for young people with little work history. Importantly, give scale, facts, fgures to your achievements – be concise and specific.

Guidance for this section at Career History mth/year-mth/year – Job title/function/responsibilities – employer/city – industry/ sector mth/year-mth/year – Job title/function/responsibilities – employer/city – ndustry/sector mth/year-mth/year – Job title/function/responsibilities – employer/ city – industry/sector Education and qualifications school, college, dates, etc quallTlcatlons Hobbies / Interests Show hobbies/interests indicating personal qualities that are relevant to the Job requirements.

Personal Details Name Address Phone numbers Email DOB (date of birth) – [OPTIONAL – include if you think helpful towards Job requirements] Marital status – [OPTIONAL] Dependents (children) – [OPTIONAL] Drtvtng licence – [OPTIONAL] References are available on request.

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