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If two people of the same sex were supposed to get married, there would have only been one sex created on this Earth. It is constitutionalized that a man and a woman are to get married. Some may bring religion into the reasoning behind this opinion. Religion does in fact play a big part in something as touchy as this. Here’s some facts and opinions on the topic of gay marriage. From what IVe researched, mental health is at stake. People from all around the U. S. and media all have negative things to say about Homosexual people.

Protesters, ews articles and magazines are known to say hurtful things about those who are interested in their own sex. After being around the negative for so long, people start to see and feel a difference in how they see themselves. Self-esteem is limited and people start seeing a change in how they perceive themselves. Because of the discrimination and opposing laws, Gays are more susceptible to depression, substance abuse, or the worst case scenario, suicide. It is difficult for them to face society when they decide to go this route with their life.

It would Just be easier on them if they Just stayed with the common rule of marrying someone of the opposing sex. Raising children is another issue. Studies have shown that children raised with both a mother and father has taught the child discipline, coming from the father’s side, and a more caring, considerate side, coming from the mother. I feel it is more likely for the child to stay out of trouble that way. If a kid is raised by two mommies or two daddies, they will most likely learn one certain thing instead of a variety of other skills or tactics.

Raised in my home, I was taught to be respectful and kind to people around me. I believe I received those traits from my mother. I also, know how to stick up for myself and know how to be tough at the appropriate times. I have received those specific traits from my father. If children are raised in a home with same sex marriage, they will be raised and pressured to do the same thing. Boys are trained to be more feminine if they are raised by two gay males. Girls will see that they have two mothers and will think that’s how the world is supposed to be.

That brings me back to the whole “mental health” issue. Children brought up in that type of home won’t know how to think for them and will see the world through their parent’s eyes instead of their own. They could go through life and school being teased and mocked. It could ruin their reputation which could lead to drastic measures as I have previously discussed. Children need a steady balance in their lives. They need to be able to decide a life of their own. In a religious point of view, God created man and woman for the purpose of reproducing.

A man and a man cannot create human life nor can a woman and a woman. It is physically impossible. It defeats the purpose of having two separate genders. From the very beginning there was Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. As clich?© as that sounds, everything happens for a reason. A man and woman are supposed to Join in holy matrimony. People in same-sex unions cannot enter into a true conjugal union. Therefore, it is wrong to equate their relationship to a marriage. Marriage is a sacred thing and should not be taken lightly.

Women are going to have he same bodily functions and problems no matter what they put on or how they present themselves. Hormones will rage and different mood swings will come into play thus bringing more drama than needed into a relationship. If the estrogen level is too high, there is bound to be more quarrels. Girls will be girls. There should be a healthy balance of a testosterone and estrogen to equal the mood out. Physical health is also an issue. States have banned same sex marriage due to the increase of HIV.

People were getting more and more infected with HIV as same sex marriages ecame more popular to society. At Emory University they have researched that there were 4 cases per 100,000 populations that was diagnosed with HIV. Therefore, they were lead to tie the ban in 2009. Sure, people could argue and say that even people who are marry in different sexes also could catch the disease, but scientists say that HIV was in fact man made. Gays were known for spreading that disease. More homosexual people are known to have this disease rather than straight people.

It is stated that gay men were to the first cases to have had AIDS. If people gay with nature, I feel like the world would be more secure and safe, health wise. In the end, the human races have their own opinions on what is right and what is wrong. However, it has been against the law for years to marry someone of the same sex. I don’t think we should alter that rule now Just because people decided to branch out and experience new things. It is obviously safer and better for the society to keep marriages with in the same sex. If it was against the law then, it should still be against the law now.

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