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Statistics and Data BY qwerasdfzxcvl 23456789 Simply use statistics as a tool. You will be given a data. (Next year you will not be given data, you will gather data yoruself). 1. Data: one of the variables is dependent and other dependent. Can be multiple. Then do regression analysis. ANOVA for overall significance and Regression equation. And write based on ANOVA there is a significance or not. 2. Some comments on correlation: volume vs. rse power etc. 3. Hypothesis test of one population. I assume that the mean is etc etc. Small paragraph analysis below the results of the test. ANOVA for small, large and medium size businesses for example. correlatlon: volume vs. norse power etc. 3 Hypotnesls test 0T one populatlon. I assume tnat tne mean Is etc etc. small paragrapn analysls Delow tne resul t ANOVA Tor small, large ana mealum size Duslnesses Tor example.

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