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LITERATURE REVIEW 2. Conceptualization of Important Concept ‘ ‘The impact of Smartphone Usage among Students” 2. 1 The impact of smartphone The impact have a lot of meaning and definition. The word impact has been used in a long time ago which is describe the what influenced the person about something ( Dr Colen, 2001). According to the oxford Dictionaries, impact means any forceful effect on something physically, such as something crashing into something or an effect on someone mentally or emotionally. Moreover, it is also could be mean by degree to which objective are achieved and which targeted problem are solved.

Identifying and fleshing out true public impact in our extension programs is essential to developing effective impact reporting. Demand for impact information mounts as lawmakers, the public and our partners all want to know about the return on investments in land- grant university extension, research and teaching. Understanding the essence of true public impact, or benefit is key ( Coberg, 2001) . We often report things like attendance figures, what people like about an event, the number of meetings held or acres served, a new grant as impact. While some of this information provides context, none s impact.

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In the past few years, the mobile device and mobile services markets have been affected by the strong emergence of smartphones. Smartphones offer a platform for new kind of applications and services and the devices are more integrated into the users everyday lives. This capabilities of the smartphones give a possibility to collect usage data by using on device data collection software( David N. Chin, 2001). The data in turn can be used to differ information about the smartphones usage habits and behavior. In the past few years, the mobile device services markets have been ffected by the strong emergence of smartphones.

Smartphones are mobile phones that offer advanced computing abilities and connectivity options. Smartphones are program able mobile device, running complete operating system in a manner similar to the tradisional computer ( Alian Rose, 2001). As the device provide more applications for an increasingly wider range of usage situations, the smartphones become increasingly integrated part of the users everyday life. The programmability of the smartphones gives possibility to turn the devices into data collection smartphone usage habits. Therefore, we will find what is the impact of the smartphones usage among student through this study.

This is also help us to see how far the smartphones played an important part in our daily lives and how far does the impact is exist. 2. 2 Students’s value Values are one of the key on students character and identity understanding the values is one of the significant things to understand the impact that related to themselves. Values is a concept that describe the students personal perception towards something. In this study, this study is handle in order to find the impact of the smartphone usage. Does the smartphone give them a positive or negatice impact in their daily lives.

The students perception might be different compare to an adult or other group of people. According to Dr Natasya Mouthner, 2010 the most affected group when using the smartphones is come from the students and most of them are teenagers. They used the application in the smartphone to serving the internet and to play games. It is also depends on the students character and gender. For the example, female students are likely to log on to the youtube and learning how to have a good personality and the male students are preferred to playing games.

So the difference character cause the different behavior and the way they used the smartphones. A teenage group, either male or female have their own smartphones because they feel that by using the smartphones, they will never being bored. They can surfing the internet, get the social media and be social and easily interact with the people around them, but somehow, this will led to the cause and effect which is it will let to the negative and positive impact. In this world of technology, the smartphones do give a positive impact and advantage for the themselves ( Dr Bran mike, 2010)

Therefore, this study will identify what is the impact of using the smartphones towards the students which are also the teenage group. 2. 3 Mobile Service Market During the few years, the mobile handset market has seen some significant changes. From the western and Asia market point of view, the emergence of smartphones has been the notable trend. On the world-wide level rise the emerging market. The mobile services market offered a lot of services which is it is like a mini computer that is easy to carry to everywhere.

It is consist a lot of mobile service for the example onnecting to the internet, get socialized with the people, log on to the youtube, browser and many more. This have make we are open to the worldwide. According to the estimations of ITU (2010), the number of mobile subscription in the world at the end of 2010 was 5. 3 billion and 77 percent of the world’s population. This is Substantial increase from the 4. 6 billion subscribers at the end of 2009. SMS is the most popular messaging service with the 4 billion subscribers at the end of 2009. SMS is the most popular messaging service with 4 billion users ( Portio Researcg, 010).

As the technology goes right, new emergence of the technology have been developed such as the existence of the whats application which is it is free and not like SMS. This is be one of the reason why most of the people change to the smartphones or android. The introduction of the smartphones enables mobile internet service to move closer to tradisional internet service ( used form a desktop) in a quality and performance. In addition, mobile devices have their always on, ubiquitous and personal features which make it possible to invent also new kinds of service.

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