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Name: Aya A1-Kanany Analyze “The Way up to Heaven” by Roald Dahl. Write a text of 400-500 words (in addition to the 180 1 have written already). Feel free to add more literary elements (point of view, tone etc. ) if appropriate. Remember to include examples from the short story (=proof) to support your views. Use the short story on pages 25-32 and the “Understanding short stories” on pages 305-306 for help. Good luck! 0 1 .

Write an introduction which includes the title, the author, when it was published, a short summary in one sentence or two, and the theme of the short story: Roald Dahl 1916-1990) is the author of the short story the Way up to Heaven. The story was published for the first time in the New Yorker in 1954, and was included in his collection Kiss Kiss in 1960. Dahl was fascinated by the strange and macabre and his stories often had a twist ending. He had a special kind of black humor and saw abnormalities in people. The way up to heaven is an example of this.

It is about a dysfunctional couple. 2. Write a paragraph about the plot and the setting in this short story: The story is set in New York in the 1950s. It is about Mrs. Foster who gets very nervous by the hought of being late and about her husband who seems to torment her by coming late on purpose. Mrs. Foster changes toward the end of the short story. She decides to leave her husband in danger (stuck in the elevator) and travels to Paris for six weeks without helping him. The main conflict in the way up to heaven is that Mrs.

Foster is living an unhappy life. Write a paragraph where you describe the main characters and their relationship: In my opinion, the main character is Mrs. Foster, because she is the one we read most about, for instance how she acts, what she thinks etc. All her life Mrs Foster had feared missing a train, a plane or a boat. In other respects she was not particularly nervous but the thought of being late would make her so nervous that she would began to twitch, that shows how she acts and how nervous she becomes of being late.

As well as it is written Mrs Foster was and always had been a good and a loving wife. For over thirty years, she had served him loyally and well. Mrs. Foster is a dynamic person because she totally changes , it stands her expression had suddenly altered. There was no longer that rather soft and silly look. A peculiar hardness had settled itself upon the features. The little mouth, usually so flabby, was now tight and thin, the eyes were bright and her voice carried a new tone of authority.

After the climax, she becomes a new woman. She becomes stronger and cooler. Mr. Eugene Foster is seventy years old and he is rich and careless. We get to know Mr. Foster’s name, but not Mrs. Foster’s name, that proves that she is something he owns. On page 27 on the second line, it stands diminutive but still quite dapper old man. He torments Mrs. Foster, by always being late a minute or two and his attitude is unreasonable. yet whenever they were to go somewhere he was Just a minute or two late. The relationship between Mr. nd Mrs Foster Is not good I ney speak to eacn otner very rarely; oTten tney speak to tne butler and they tend to meet in the hallway. 3. Write a paragraph where you discuss the theme of the story and your personal opinion: I think that the themes of the story are a dysfunctional couple, unhappy life and oppression. In my point of view, Mrs. Foster has an unhappy life with Mr. Foster. He torments her knowing that she becomes nervous only from the thought of being late. 4. Write a conclusion where you sum up your ideas and opinions which you have already mentioned: I think the story is very well written.

Furthermore the suspension you get starting from where she is afraid to miss the plane, never really fades before it becomes unclear where her husband is. Toward the end it is suggested that he is stuck in the elevator since there are so many clues for that. I think the title fits the story very well. It refers to how Mrs. Foster feels after part five as well as it can be an ironic symbol for Mr. Foster’s death. 5. Write down your sources (such as your textbook): The only source I used is the book. I used the short story the way up to heaven a lot, to referee to what I have written.

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