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Critical thinking is adaptive thinking that is clear, deductive, open-minded and informed by evidence. Asking the right questions are intended to further develop ones though process in thinking more critically. Need a hand? Well this is going to rock because this paper is on a thinker who is the creator of Edward scissor hands. Tim Burton is a very unique individual who was given a chance to create and make his own thoughts come to life.

Even though he was given the task to create “The Fox and the Hound”, his ideas seemed too grotesque for Disney but because they saw otential in him, the studio soon realized that Burton’s capability was not being put Famed director, producer and screenwriter Timothy William Burton was to use. born August 25, 1958 in Burbank, California. Ever since He was a little boy, Tim was engaged with trifling influences from the classic horror films of Roger Corman. Burton developed a knack for drawing and attended the California Institution of Arts after High school in 1976 as an animation major.

He made his first short film using a “stop motion” film technique on an old film camera. Upon his graduation in 1980, Burton egan his career by working as an apprentice animator for the Walt Disney Studios. This all happened due to the success of a short film called “Stalk of the Celery Monster” which Burton used as his graduation film that also intrigued Walt Disney’s Productions’ animation studio. Although his major suggested that he was going to be an animator, Burton didn’t seem to enjoy being one. Developing each individual frame for an animation film was tough and tedious work.

Usually films are projected at an estimate 24 frames per second. To have the patience and ability to create a 90- inute film is making over 129,000 individual frames. Each character is drawn separately and then combined together, and arranged over painted backgrounds. The task requires skilled artists that cannot vary from the structured manner of drawing the characters. Burton had been brought in and asked to work on “The Fox and the Hound” which made Burton grow weary of his work for Disney and left within a year & decided to pursue on his own dreams and ideas.

Although his main task at Disney was supposed to be to work on “The Fox and the Hound”, Burton felt like it wasn’t him to o it the way Disney perceived. Therefore Burton grew tired of working with Disney and decided to strike out on his own when he made the big decision to leave such a big prosperous company. For approximately 3 years, Burton didn’t produce a single film until he was granted the tumultuous motion picture for Beetle Juice. It wasn’t until then that he finally discovered a deal that was suited to his unique perception. The film proved to be such a big hit and a triumph which led to an offer by the Warner Bros. f Job directing by an anxiously awaited comic book revision that had aken years of devising. That adaptation was of the Batman which turned out to be more of a celebratory event than a movie. It provoked arguments when Michael Keaton was casted as the Dark Knight, and generated a merchandising blitz that is now standard for blockbusters. However, despite all the promotion and studio intervention, Burton still managed to put his own stamp on the film and it remains one 0T tne most Innuentlal Hollywood movies 0T tne last Tew aecaaes I . ts Dox OTTlce gross of over $250 million is also one of the highest in the studio’s history.

Everything rom the candy packed rooms of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory to the ominous ghoul-infested Halloween Town shows that Tim Burton is a master of directing anything suspenseful. The way Burton handles cinematic techniques created unbelievable worlds beyond imagination. People from all over the world find themselves intrigued by the originality of his stories and the depth of his characters. His creations of diverse and colorful master pieces were brought to life with his ingenious use of lighting, sounds, shots, and framing. Many people have a lot of respect for Burtons works.

His famous works would be Beetle Juice, Edward Scissor Hands, and the infamous Nightmare Before Christmas. Personally, I believe Tim Burton is a genius. To be successful in anything, one has to stand out from the rest. Burton definitely stood out because all his works are more gothic, dark and unique. What he did by leaving Disney to make his own ideas come to life is an important accomplishment in his career because he took the liberty to create and endure the painstaking process of stop motion animation. Burton opened up new doors in the world of animation proving anything is ossible as seen in his works.

Without Tim Burton, the world wouldn’t have such enjoyable films like Beetle Juice, Edward Scissor Hands, and the Nightmare Before Christmas. It was the way that Burton made uses of cinematic techniques that created incredible masterpieces that brought together many people from all over by the innovation of his stories and the extent of his characters. If it weren’t’ all that are influenced by Burton wouldn’t exist. The future without Burton wouldn’t be as bright in the dark because his almost all his films are dark and infested with macabre.

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