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Water: The Source of Life Does the world really need another golf course? Multi million dollar Corporations and booming industries have taken over the simplicity of small communities and busines ses. Throughout time the importance of traditional values and morality have dwindled dr amatically, creating an industry with its focus on short term gain and material benefit (Vanoverbeke). The goal of global commercialization of everything and everybody has created devastating effects on th e environment and developing countries around the world (Vanoverbeke).

One of the most well known c ases of privatization occurred in Bolivia and shares striking comparisons to the movie Milagr o Beanfleld War. Both of these scenarios display the theory of Ostrum taking place in the small commu nities while Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons only occurs when the industry takes over. Through a sense of community we can maintain sustainability but it is when the personal connection bet ween humanity and resource is lost that degradation happens.

As seen in the movie Milagro Beanfleld Wa r and the events hat took place in the water privatization protests in Bolivia, By destroying a sense of community we are doomed to experience the tragedy of the commons. Although it may seem as if the plot of the movie Milagro Beanfleld War is based off th e events that took place during the privatization of water in Bolivia, to many people’s surprise the movie was made 11 years prior to when the water privatization began. In the fairy tale of Milagr o Beanfleld War, Ladd Devine the very wealthy owner of a posh development and controller of local wa er rights, is planning to build a brand new resort.

The only only problem is the location of this de velopment is right on top of the small hispanic town of Milagro. At first the people of Milagro are fooled i nto believing this development will bring them prosperity through the new available Jobs unaware that their community will eventually be displaced. Similar to this, the private water industry, dominated by a handful of multinational co rporations is the “Ladd Devine” of Bolivia. These corporations abused their power over the water s

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