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Universal Healthcare “Universal Healthcare” Synopsis: The essay, “A Universal Healthcare System: Is It Right for The United States? ” by Marleise Rashford describes the positive effect of universal healthcare. In the essay she explains how a universal healthcare system will help this country. The United States is the only industrialize nation that does not provide healthcare for its citizens. She criticizes the American healthcare system. “The current American system cost too much, cover too little and excludes too many’ according to Rashford. Marleise

Rashford emphasizes that money is not the issue why America has not reform its health system. Corruption, lobbyist, and private insurances are the ones responsible for this. The essay mentions that 45 million Americans are uninsured. This essay will analyze and critique Rashford’s essay. I support the universal healthcare system. The United States is the only industrialized nation without universal healthcare. The United States ranks poorly compare to other industrialized nations on healthcare. Universal healthcare will cover all the American citizens.

It will enefit the underprivileged citizens of this country. American citizens will have a longer life expectancy. Infant mortality rates will decrease. The United States is the only industrialized nation without universal healthcare. (Rashford, 4) Corruption, lobbyist, and private insurances are the ones responsible for this. Private insurance premiums rice twice as fast than the rate of inflation. Private insurances are making record profits. “The number of American without health insurance rose from 1. 4 million to 45 million, between 2000 and 2003. ” (Rashford, 5)

The United States ranks poorly in health care despite having the best trained health providers. The only explanation for this correlation is unfairness. The high rate of insurance bills makes it hard for underprivileged citizens to afford health insurance. Healthy people are less likely to get insured due to high insurance bills. This makes the cost of health care premiums to rise much faster than the general rate of inflation. Universal healthcare will cover every American citizen. Universal healthcare is not a profitable organization. It will be run by the government.

This will lower the cost of premiums drastically. It will make it easier for underprivileged citizens to pay. If a person is too poor to pay the premium, the government will take care of it. Via Medicaid and other government plans that exist today. This kind of system will have everyone cover. According to crltlcs, “Patlents wlll nave to walt longer to see a doctor. ” Private insurances and private healthcare providers will be available for those who can afford it. Critics say, “Universal healthcare will let the government control health in the United States. Rashford, 7) Universal healthcare only controls the insurance premiums. The health providing system will remain the same. The universal healthcare system is design to work for the people. Private insurance companies’ main concern is to make a profit. The universal healthcare system will benefit the underprivileged citizens. Private insurance companies are a business. Their main concern is to make a profit. This makes it extremely hard for the poor to afford it. Medicine is a right all citizens should have no matter their social status.

It’s unfair for a kid to not receive treatment ecause of his or her parent’s misfortune. Private health insurances are expensive because the majority of the insured are unhealthy citizens. This makes the companies more likely to pay high insurance company payouts. This is the reason why premiums for family coverage have increased during the resent years. Private insurance companies can inflate the price of their service if they desire. The universal healthcare system prevents that because it is run by the government.

American citizens have a lower average life expectancy than those in other ndustrialized nations with universal healthcare. The United States ranks 23rd place in infant mortality. The only correlation for this is the high cost of health insurance. Do to the fact, that The United States has the best health care providers. The number of uninsured citizens in the United States is increasing rapidly. There are 45 million citizens who have no health insurance. (Rashford, 5) This is leading to a decrease in doctor visits and medical prevention. The universal healthcare system can work in the United States.

Healthcare can be ounded by a non profitable organization. The system will allow poor citizens to afford health insurance. There will be more demand for specialist. This system would benefits doctors’ salary. This will contribute to more kids seeking a medical career. Universal healthcare will lead to a higher life expectancy for the American citizens. The universal healthcare will improve health in The United States. Works Cited Rashford, Marleise. (2007). “A Universal Healthcare System: Is It Right for The United States? ” Nursing Forum, 42 (1): 3-10

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