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What are the strength and weakness of mini teaching BY hit-1618 Hins part Group Written Report (3000 words): Based on your presentation topic and reflect on your own mini teaching. What have you learnt? What are the biggest strength and / or weakness of your teaching? What would you like to change / improve if you were asked to do it again? In this part, we would like to do an analysis of the biggest strength and weakness of the mini teaching. Based on our mini teaching is specific to those primary students.

We actually have ound out a list of strengths and weakness of the mini teaching. In fact, we have discovered our biggest strength as a primary school teacher is able to guide those students to participate in interesting activities in class in order to induce student’s interest in learning in a great atmosphere. Moreover, before starting the lesson, we have discussed the lesson planning for primary students. During the discussion, we noticed that a primary student usually has the problem of lacking concentration.

Therefore, we designed a lesson with full of activities to make sure that those tudents are not able to get bored and to lose their concentration. However, we have planned the topic of The Earth – Continents and oceans, countries and capitals for teaching content. Thus, we have prepared the materials like the world map, small flag with nations and some candy for students in order to encourage students to give some response to us. As a result, the whole lesson atmosphere performed in a very good way. We did success keep students eye on our teaching.

For example, in the big TV game activity, we have drawn the student’s attention and have a great response to us. Hence, we think that the interaction with students to draw their attention is the biggest strength of our mini teaching in primary school level. On the other hands, we also discovered that the practice homework sheet is quite a nice design and useful. We made it in Microsoft word with image, design the layout of the homework sheet. Even we have done one copy of the practice homework sheet to ensure there is no mistake in the content.

We believed that this word sheet might be our other strengths outside the lesson. It has cost us lots of time when doing the preparation. Likewise, the preparation is very important to the lesson. It actually affected the fluency, atmosphere, learning motivation of the students. Lastly, we think that we have done a quite nice mini teaching and did successfully to introduce the continents and capitals to students in a great atmosphere. weakness In the mini teaching, we also have found out some problems of our teaching in primary level.

First of all, we noticed that the voice of presenting is extremely important to students, especially to those primary students, that we think that it ould be a space to improve. The voice of presenting to primary student should be in a charming, cute and special. It is a necessity for primary students has a great tone in order to draw their attention and focus for the lesson. Secondly, the speed of presentation has a little bit faster that we discuss or preparation before the lesson. While during the teaching, maybe all of us have a bit nervous. It did a faster tone to teaching than our rehearsal.

Therefore, we are reflected that would it be too fast for primary student because of they are Just primary. On the other hands, would it be too difficult for those primary 5 students? That are the weaknesses of us that we did not think it in compete way. Moreover, the third weakness that we noticed is difficult to explain all the lesson content detail in limited time. When we try to explain some concept of the earth process, it has a bit difficult to us that using many of simple words to explain curriculum content in a simple way. We have to plan our lesson is in a simple, fun environment.

It is hard for us to strike the balance between the core knowledge in he lesson and fun activities instead of us trying to mix both knowledge and activity at the same time. As a result, it is our first time teaching for primary object. There must be lots of weakness of our presentation. However, we believed that the preparation before lesson and experience after lesson is the major biggest strength and weakness of our mini teaching. We believed that the teaching method is Just a guideline for us in order to have a good teaching. Teaching skills is easy to learn but it did really difficult for practicing in the reality.

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