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What if the Internet were the only source of information The Internet is the most important source of information in the modern world. You can do a lot of different things: watch funny videos about kittens, read actual news from all over the world, connect you with your friends, or something like that. You also have an access to a big free encyclopedia named Wikipedia’. There you can look after things you have never heard about, but also after some useful things, like a definition of some technical terms or something else. There are many pros, but also many cons, if the Internet would be the only source of nformation.

Only 30 to 40 percent of people in the world have a connection to the Internet. In poor countries maybe all 100 percent of the population have no computer, even less an Internet connection. So only a section of the world population would have access to information. But if you have a connection to the Internet, there also could be other problems. You could be in a tunnel, a plane or something like that, where you have no connection to the Internet; you also could be in remote areas or in a train where your Internet signal is not the best.

In these situations you are not ble to look after some new information. Therefore books, magazines or newspaper are the better way for information, because you can read it around the clock, in tunnels, in planes or in remote areas. You do not have to be ‘online’. Information in the Internet instead is instantly available; you can get the newest information from the other side of the world in less then 1 minute. So the Internet is a quick source of information instead of a newspaper, where you can read the news not until the next day. Mass media, like television or radio, bring a flood of information.

Young people may e able to manage that, but old people would be mostly overcharges with this huge amount of different information. To react this flood, the Internet is a very good possible option, because you could personalize the Information for your own opinion. This is maybe possible, but not easily to do. In the Internet there is a huge amount of information, to find correct and useful information is mostly difficult. There is so much wrong information, so you have to choose wisely. Before you would be able to choose between some facts, you anyway must find something in the huge amount of information in the World Wide Web.

The Internet on one hand is a very useful thing, but on the other hand it is a very tricky and dangerous thing. The government or hackers can trace your preferences, your search words in ‘Google’, your favourite web pages, or something else. The “glass human being” is no longer Just a literary metaphor, but a real prospect in the not too distant future. If you maybe look after some suspicious or illegal things like Nazis or plans for build a bomb, the police could interview you about that. Why have you done that? Are you a terrorist? Therefore Internet is not a toy. You must know what to do; ou need to be very careful.

I ne Internet nas anotner Olsaavantage. a people are mayoe not aDle to use a computer, a smartphone, or a modern tablet. So the are not able to look after some information. Younger people mostly are experts in using the computer; for them this is not a big problem. In summary, it can be said that a life where the Internet is the only source of information is not very imaginable. It might work, but in my opinion the quality of life would be decreased. There are some benefits, but I think too much drawbacks. In my opinion, it would be the best that we leave something well enough alone.

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